Sui Tan

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

NCE has continued to be one of MTC’s top consultants since 1996 and has been our Pavement Management Technical Assistance Program (P-TAP) [consultant] since its inception in 1998. It has built a reputation in implementing pavement management systems for local agencies nationally. Since 2008, it has provided the California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment that helped secure Senate Bill 1 funding for road maintenance in California.

Besides P-TAP, MTC has also contracted with NCE to provide StreetSaver® training and pavement management guidance. As far as a company to do business with, NCE is one of the best ………. [Their] practice has always been to pay attention to ….. MTC needs, technically and professionally.

Edgar Garcia, PE

County of Marin

NCE has been extremely responsive and professional and has demonstrated that they are truly knowledgeable and well-experienced in the field of Pavement Management. We have been incredibly pleased with the products and services we have received from them. I would highly recommend NCE.

Diana R. Ayón, PE

City of Woodland

The City of Woodland contracted NCE since September 2011 to assist [with] updating our pavement management system and to provide general pavement management support. Their tasks have ranged from data entry and quality control to inspector training and staff assistance in the operation of the software system…The City of Woodland is extremely pleased with their work and highly recommends them to anyone in need of pavement management assistance.

Stephanie Green

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

SHRA repeatedly hires the team at NCE for both environmental consulting and environmental site assessment services due to their unparalleled expertise and attention to detail, while consistently providing services on-time and within budget. They are always willing and excited to take on a challenging project, respond quickly to any project requests, and have a knack for adapting to changes in project requirements. The team is always a pleasure to work with, and we can be confident when working with NCE that our projects will be handled effectively and efficiently.

James Sookne

Mendocino Council of Governments

NCE has been extremely responsive and professional.We have found them to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Pavement Management.They have completed the projects on time and within budget. As rural counties, Lake and Mendocinopresent unique challenges which NCE has met with ease. Their staff has shown technical expertise andwe’ve been very pleased with products we have received from them. Their reports are particularlythorough and informative. The analysis and recommendations presented in their reports have reallyhelped demonstrate to local officials the need for additional pavement maintenance and rehabilitationfunding for our local agencies.

Tawfic N. Halaby, P.E.

City of Richmond

My introduction to NCE’s environmental services was back in 2010, when a City of Richmond culvert conveying San Pablo Creek, collapsed and swallowed a hillside and part of a City roadway…NCE pulled out all the stops…demonstrated understanding of the regional, state, and federal processes, and put together a successful strategy to ensure seamless procurement of requisite environmental regulatory permits. Over the course of the Via Verdi culvert project, NCE staff also demonstrated mastery of applicable regulations, Best Management Practices, and cutting edge technologies. NCE provided environmental services for all aspects of the project which lasted three years and included four construction contracts.
Because of the high quality services on the Via Verdi culvert project, NCE established itself as the go-to professional services firm for environmental related work.

Noel Laughlin, PE

HDR – prime consultant

We have been very impressed with NCE’s support throughout the Truckee River Flood Management project.Your staff nailed every assignment they were given and were truly great team players.

Lisa Petersen

Town of Los Gatos

NCE began working with the Town in 2010 to develop conceptual design options for ten residential concrete streets in the Almond Grove district of the Town. These streets had been in place for almost 100 years. NCE provided several treatment options including replacement in concrete, replacement in asphalts, and an asphalt overlay solution.

Following the conceptual design, NCE was awarded the contract to complete the plans and specifications for three of the streets in concrete…the Town requested design changes based on community feedback at various critical junction points. NCE staff always handled these changes professionally and effectively, working expeditiously to include these changes and keep expected schedules. NCE staff worked to address all of the Towns concerns during the course of the design process and was extremely professional in their dealings with the Town staff and residents…I would highly recommend NCE.

Mitch Grayson

Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc.

I have been working with NCE’s SWPPP [Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan] implementation team for the last 3 years on the Edgewood Lodge Project in Stateline NV. NCE’s team is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the specifications and standards of all of the agencies with jurisdiction in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Above this, they are also very good at analyzing each individual situation and coming up with a logical solution to ensure the use of the most applicable BMP [Best Management Practice]. I have enjoyed working with NCE as they have always remained professional and it is clear they are continually working on building a great reputation and even stronger relationships with everyone they work with.

Lyndsey Boyer

Carson City Parks

Recreation & Open Space

Carson City would highly recommend working with NCE due to their extensive knowledge and experience, as well as their thorough and organized project management approach…the project deliverables received were on-time, detail-oriented, and of high quality.