Innovative Design is the Key to Pavement Rehabilitation Project of the Year Award

May 25, 2020

The APWA’s Norcal chapter selected the City of Oakley’s Main Street Pavement Rehabilitation Project as a 2016 Project of the Year. Main Street is Oakley’s primary thoroughfare and gateway to the City.

NCE developed plans, specifications, and cost estimate for rehabilitating a portion of Main Street that had received little maintenance for more than 20 years. This part of the street was not structurally sufficient to accommodate increased traffic from future development. The pavement showed longitudinal, transverse, and block
cracking; records also indicated the presence of older concrete with reflective cracking and hazardous materials in the sub-base.

The project consisted of regrading a portion of the roadway to improve drainage; implementing cold-in-place recycling and rubber hot mix asphalt to address pavement deficiencies and hazardous materials issues; and constructing a new landscape median to improve the visual appeal of the roadway. Project construction accomplished the City’s goals of minimizing impact to commuters and the environment, improving the aesthetics, and maximizing limited available funding.