Moraga’s Pavement Program Wins Project of the Year

May 25, 2020

The Town of Moraga’s Measure K Intensive 3-Year Pavement Program received a
2016 Project of the Year Award from the Norcal chapter of the APWA. The Town is a small, semi-rural community nestled in the San Francisco Bay Area with a street network consisting of 56 centerline miles. Since its incorporation in 1974, the Town’s pavement condition index (PCI) had deteriorated to a rating of 49; by 2012, the street network was ranked in the bottom 15 of all 109 Bay Area cities and counties. To address this critical issue, the Town conducted a grassroots public outreach program and passed a 20-year one-cent sales tax measure known as Measure K.The implementation of innovative and sustainable pavement technologies increased the PCI from 49 to 70 and produced the following benefits to the community:

  • Reduced construction time and noise.
  • Diverted more than 30,000 tires from landfills.
  • Minimized truck-trip impacts on local streets and roads.
  • Reduced greenhouse gases and road debris and disruption to the local community.
  • Saved as much as 50% in costs compared to conventional methods.

NCE provided pavement management, pavement design, and civil engineering design for each of the three project phases. NCE also assisted the Town with presentations to the City Council, budget oversight committees, and the public.