On March 16, 2019 employees from the NCE Reno office, including family and friends, volunteered with the RISE (The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality) and Dine project to help serve food to people in need outside of the Reno Community Assistance Center (CAC). There were many volunteers, with some NCE employees handing out food and beverages, some helping carry food for those that were unable, and while others walking around having conversations with those waiting in line and handing out bottled water.

RISE and Dine is a hands-on giving project that serves food and distributes clothing to hundreds of locals without a home. The program serves food three Saturdays a month inviting volunteers throughout the community to join them and bring homemade and pre-packaged food for those in need to enjoy. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about this project, you can read more about them in the link below and you can view their calendar to see which Saturdays are open for more volunteers.
All who participated found it to be rewarding and appreciated the opportunity to help our community.