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NCE Helps Clients Manage Pavement Assets with StreetSaver® Workshop

November 16, 2020

NCE pavement management experts are leading a four-part online workshop on StreetSaver® software November 16-19, sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) ;

“We’re committed to helping our clients use this tool effectively,” said Margot Yapp, NCE’s president. Yapp, Lisa Senn, and Sharlan Dunn—all expert users and teachers of the computer-based program—will lead the training ;

In the workshop, NCE will teach users how jurisdictions define and manage pavement networks and how to use the features of StreetSaver®, including:

  • Entering data from street surveys and inspections.
  • Updating maintenance and rehabilitation history.
  • Setting up a budget needs analysis.
  • Creating budget scenarios.
  • Using GIS linkage and reporting tools.

StreetSaver®, developed by MTC, is used by more than 300 public and private organizations nationwide—including all 109 cities and counties in the San Francisco Bay Area—to make informed decisions about managing street pavement and other assets. NCE routinely works with over 100 cities and counties to use StreetSaver® in preparing workplans, informing decision-makers, and complying with funding requirements. In addition, NCE prepares the biennial California Statewide Local Streets & Roads Needs Assessment, which relies in part on StreetSaver® to inform the public and policy-makers on the condition of the state’s local pavement network.
To register for the workshop, visit the StreetSaver® Academy at