Northern Nevada
City of Wenatchee Citywide PMS – $12,222 (Linda Pierce)
Infrasense Idaho I-15 Pavement Evaluation – $37,651 (Pete Schmalzer)
Liberty Utilities 619 Pole Line Road Rehabilitation – $67,185 (Christian Heinbaugh)
BITCO Insurance Cemstone vs. Falkstone – $31,401 (Tom Van Dam)

Northern California
Sutter Health Sutter Memorial Hospital Repurposing – $332,262 (Mike Leacox)
Sonoma County PMS Update 2016-2020 – $823,981 (Margot Yapp)
City of Los Gatos PMP Support and Shoulder Paving Policy – $30,200 (Margot Yapp)
City/County of San Francisco As Needed Pavement Condition Survey – $333,330 (Margot Yapp)
Plumas Unified School District Storm Drain and H2S Reduction Design – $196,329 (Mike Leacox)
DKS Trinity County Pavement Condition Surveys – $14,403 (Margot Yapp)
County of Sacramento PMP Implementation – $119,830 (Margot Yapp)
City of Walnut Creek Storm Drain GIS Mapping – $25,000 (Dave Rios)
Tuolumne County Big Creek Shaft Road Bridge – $6,000 (Mike Leacox)