Caltrans │ Pavement Engineering and Materials Testing Services

California (statewide)

NCE evaluated concrete pavements in 10 of the 12 Caltrans Districts across the State.
Caltrans first ever “Plastic Pavement” Pilot Project was constructed and tested as part of this work.
Project Description

Since 2015, NCE has worked closely with Caltrans to evaluate the performance of multiple pavement materials and design types and provide technical assistance with developing and implementing new strategies to improve the State’s highway network. These projects included evaluation of concrete and asphalt materials, pavement testing, pavement evaluation, construction field visits, and forensic investigations of highway pavement sections throughout California. Findings and recommendations will help Caltrans enhance current practices. NCE also provided support with pavement management including an assessment of Caltrans data collection, quality control, analysis, and reporting processes and practices. Working with Caltrans, NCE revised existing practices to include a more robust quality management plan by defining and documenting acceptable data quality criteria and providing guidance for evaluating the quality of data collected in the future. 

“NCE’s responses to our questions and requests for information are rapid and complete” – Nick Burmas, Caltrans