City of South San Francisco │ Street Maintenance and Rehabilitation Projects

San Francisco, CA

To rehabilitate and reconstruct all failed streets now will reduce future street maintenance costs.
Implementing a comprehensive, multi-year work plan aims to minimize construction expenses and mitigate traffic disruptions for the public.
Project Description

NCE has been helping the City of South San Francisco manage their pavements network wide since 2017 including developing multi-year paving plans and completing construction documents for their pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects (over 87 centerline miles). Every two years, the City surveys the streets and NCE assists in updating records of pavement condition, maintenance, and rehabilitation. NCE also conducts field review to identify candidate streets for the City’s annual surface seal and rehabilitation programs and develop multi-year work plans.  

NCE was also recently involved with strategy meetings and presentations with City Management to leverage bond monies for a large scale $20 million paving program. NCE selected streets and identified paving strategies to rehabilitate street candidates west of Highway 101, thereby saving over $2 million in upfront costs and reducing future maintenance by $2.5 million per year. NCE then provided pavement rehabilitation design, field data collection, PS&E development, and bidding and construction support services for this project. The City’s network PCI has improved from 76 to 81 and approximately 5.9 centerline miles of bike lanes and shared bike lanes were added. 

This ambitious program included complete street elements such as ADA access, drainage with green infrastructure, traffic calming, bulbouts, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and other striping improvements. This project improves network conditions significantly and reduces future maintenance cost.