Contra Costa County │ Pavement Engineering and Management

Contra Costa County, CA

Integrating cost-effective treatment options could assist the County in paving a greater number of roads each year and enhancing the overall condition of the pavement network.
Creating an inventory of parking lots that includes ADA components could offer valuable data for estimating future construction costs.
Project Description

Contra Costa County has built up a large database of historical and performance data for its 660-mile road network over more than 20 years. Under its current contract with the County, NCE’s Pavement and Asset Management team conducted field review to prepare a multi-year maintenance plan. This included updating maintenance strategies and treatment unit costs, developing budget scenarios and summary reports, and preparing GIS maps for ease of presentation. Services have included drainage improvements, pavement, parking lot and striping designs, and support during bidding and construction. NCE also implemented a pavement management system for the County’s 144 parking lots including rehabilitation and civil design with ADA-compliant upgrades.