Edgewood Companies │ Edgewood Threshold Improvement Project

Lake Tahoe Basin, Stateline, NV

One of the single largest investments in resource protection in the Lake Tahoe basin.
The Project’s stormwater and water quality improvements included an innovative multi-tiered system that exceeded regulatory treatment requirements.
Project Description

Edgewood Companies owns one of the largest contiguous private land holdings in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The 235-acre parcel on the southeast shore of Lake Tahoe is home to Edgewood Creek, Golf Course Creek, several wetlands, and over ½ mile of Lake Tahoe shoreline. As part of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort redevelopment project NCE completed a full inventory of stream, wetland, shoreline, riparian, wildlife, and botanical resources on the property to assess conditions and identify opportunities for protection, enhancements, and restoration.  

NCE developed and implemented a quantitative prioritization process to select the highest value projects to include in the redevelopment. An interdisciplinary design team then planned and designed resource enhancements and restoration including new and enhanced wetland habitat, bank stabilization measures, improved geomorphic function, improved fisheries habitat, restored fish passage, and increased riparian vegetation in and along Edgewood and Golf Course Creeks. NCE also designed water quality improvements and a multi-tiered stormwater treatment system, and improved the hydraulic function of existing ponds. NCE provided engineering support and inspection during construction, and post construction monitoring and permit compliance.