Federal Highway Administration │ Long-Term Pavement Performance Program

U.S.A. and Canada

NCE has monitored over 1000 LTPP test sections across the United States and Canada.
LTPP is the largest study of in-service pavements ever conducted.
Over $4B and counting has been saved due to LTPP products and findings.
Project Description

In 1990, NCE was selected to execute the Federal Highway Administration’s Long Term Pavement Performance program, a long-term study of in-service pavements, and has provided over $37 million worth of pavement performance analysis and monitoring for the Federal Highway Administration. NCE’s highly skilled field personnel have collected site-specific data at more than 1,000 test sites across the U.S. and Canada. Data collection includes materials sampling, falling weight deflectometer testing, manual distress surveys, profile testing, moisture and temperature testing, global positioning measurements, and dynamic cone penetrometer testing. NCE has also created and refined safety procedures for field data collection protocols that optimize time spent within live traffic control, while making safety the number one priority. These have become the industry standard. 

NCE manages, analyzes, and reports on data from test pavement sections, and has developed a detailed Quality Control Plan to ensure the project provides quality data for the benefit of the public. NCE has consistently received evaluations of 99%+ from FHWA related to both the quality and value of services provided. NCE’s attention to detail and rigorous collaboration and communication procedures have been the cornerstone to successful execution of this project.