Mariposa County │ Downtown Revitalization

Mariposa County, California

Upgrades to the sanitary sewer collection system of approximately 3,000 linear feet and 26 manholes contribute to a functioning and resilient sewer collection system for decades to come.
New and upgraded pedestrian infrastructure, including ADA compliance where feasible, pavement reconstruction, road widening, storm drain improvements, and street lighting will give downtown Mariposa a fresh look, and address storm drain conveyance and safety improvements.
Project Description

NCE is working with Mariposa County to improve critical sanitary sewer and transportation infrastructure using a $6.54 million Disaster Resiliency Grant. This project will address streets, parking lots, and water and sewer infrastructure in downtown Mariposa. The major components of the project are sanitary sewer repair and replacement, storm drain repair and relocation, pedestrian infrastructure, and pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation. These will include sidewalks, curb and gutter, offsite street parking lot rehabilitation and ADA upgrades where feasible, and street lighting throughout the project area, as well as new manholes, and sewer pipes. The repaired and improved roads, parking lots, and sewer infrastructure will breathe new life into the County’s central business district while better preparing the region for future weather events.