Tuolumne County │ Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account Mitigation Fund Road Repair Projects

Tuolumne County, CA

Reconstruction of roadways in rural Tuolumne County required taking into account the availability of construction materials and the historic character of the community.
A mechanistic pavement design approach and full-depth reclamation resulted in significant construction cost savings.
Project Description

NCE provided engineering and pavement design and pavement reconstruction and rehabilitation plans for approximately 13 miles of roadway in rural Tuolumne County. The project scope included pavement design using data from falling weight deflectometer testing, topographic surveying, road reconstruction plans, planning and design of Complete Streets elements to enhance safety, sidewalk improvements, new crosswalks, drainage improvements, tree plantings, and lighting. It was important to preserve the rural and historic nature of the community in these designs. In addition, approaching design with an understanding of available construction materials in areas like rural Tuolumne County is integral to success. This project plan included innovative techniques such as mechanistic pavement design and creative pavement preservation techniques that allowed NCE to use resources efficiently and maximize the number of roadways that could be rehabilitated and preserved.