City of Scotts Valley │ Storm Drain Master Plan Update

Scotts Valley, CA

Through facilitated field meetings with maintenance and engineering staff, NCE was able to document several previously unknown flood prone areas in the City.
NCE developed a web application to allow City staff to track data collection in real time.
Project Description

The small mountain community of Scotts Valley faced a variety of flooding, drainage, and regulatory challenges that were amplified by the lack of data and understanding of their storm drain system. The City needed a robust asset inventory and condition assessment, and a comprehensive Storm Drain Master Plan to guide future planning, operations, maintenance, and capital investment. NCE addressed each need by conducting an asset inventory of nearly 1,000 new storm drain assets, documenting the condition of v-ditches, outfalls, manholes, inlets, culverts, channels, and storm drain pipes, and creating a storm drain system geodatabase. With this new tool NCE was able to model the system, identify deficiency and liabilities, and prepare a comprehensive Storm Drain Master Plan Update that included identification of flood prone areas, documented system capacity issues, and presented recommendations for maintenance activities, capital investments, and regulatory compliance.