City of Elk Grove │ Sleepy Hollow Detention Basin

Elk Grove, CA

Surface soils at the site are not conducive to infiltration, but through NCE’s geology investigation a deep gravel layer was identified, and drywells were designed to tap into this storage reservoir.
Neighbors were excited about the enhancements to the basin and shared their appreciation of the work at the ribbon cutting.
Project Description

The 6.3-acre Sleepy Hollow Flood Detention Basin was constructed solely as a flood control facility. It provided low-quality vegetation communities, limited habitat, and no groundwater recharge or water quality treatment. It was a missed opportunity to design infrastructure that both protects communities and improves natural resource quality. The City of Elk Grove recognized this, and tasked NCE with retrofitting the basin to improve its function and appearance. 

NCE used an innovative design approach to create seasonal wetlands, riparian and upland vegetation communities, and drywells to encourage groundwater recharge, while improving water quality and the aesthetics of the basin. NCE’s work included a detailed assessment of site soils, hydrology, vegetation, and geology, habitat planning, restoration engineering, and landscape design. This flood retention and groundwater recharge system was designed to function in the unique soils at the project site without creating a maintenance burden for the city.