Transportation Research

Quality data is the foundation of a successful project. Collecting quality data requires meticulous attention to detail by trained professionals with the proper equipment and experience. NCE’s engineers and technicians are trained to collect research quality data meeting the highest national standards. Whether the data is collected by our personnel or provided by others, NCE’s engineers are experts in performing the appropriate analysis activities to meet our client’s needs. Our continued work with the Federal Highway Administration and Departments of Transportation across the west reinforces the collection of quality data, and this translates to outstanding service in the data collection performed for our numerous clients.

Roadway Condition Surveys

  • Detailed Distress Measurements
  • Non-Destructive Data Collection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
  • Pavement Noise Analysis
  • Profile Data Collection
  • Forensic Studies
  • Coring and Sampling
  • Expert Witness

Safe Routes to School

  • Grant and Planning Assistance
  • School Zone Audits and Preparation of Route Maps
  • GIS Layers in ArcView Route Map Preparation
  • Outreach and Community Workshops
  • Development of Conceptual Engineering, Education and Encouragement Tools

Database Development and Management

  • Pavement Management Systems
  • MEPDG Implementation

Data Analysis and Pavement Studies

  • Performance Prediction
  • Sustainability
  • Traffic Studies

Training and Resources

  • Development and Delivery of Training Materials / Outreach