NCE’s experience is as extensive as the need for answers to the complex issues challenging designers and policy makers of the future.

NCE understands the systems and procedures required to successfully deliver civil engineering and environmental services to a variety of municipal, state, and commercial customers.
NCE’s technically diverse and highly qualified staff of over 70 professionals includes environmental policy and planning experts, civil, pavement, and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, geologists and hydrogeologists, water quality, regulatory, and hazardous material specialists, database specialists, and seasoned field technicians.

Civil Engineering

Civil EngineeringNCE provides a broad spectrum of engineering services associated with public infrastructure and private development projects. The firm’s civil engineering disciplines have proven invaluable to clients on transportation, water resource, municipal infrastructure, land development and site design projects.NCE’s civil engineers have extensive experience with the design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for city, county, state and federal infrastructureprojects. Our civil engineering services include planning, feasibility studies, assessment, design and construction for a broad range of projects. Read More >>

Environmental Engineering

Environmental EngineeringEffective regulatory negotiations and compliance requires more than just knowing the details of the various federal, state, and local regulations and agencies. It requires understanding how to interpret and apply the relevant regulations and how to effectively interact with the regulatory agencies. NCE staff brings that understanding to each project, allowing us to untangle the red tape, obtain favorable decisions, maintain schedules, and develop cost effective solutions. Because regulators have come to know and trust the NCE staff, we can often negotiate practical solutions and implementation schedules that save our clients time and money.NCE understands the systems and procedures required to successfully deliver environmental engineering services to a variety of municipal, county, state, and private clients. Read More >>

Transportation Research

Transportation ResearchQuality data is the foundation of a successful project. Collecting quality data requires meticulous attention to detail by trained professionals with the proper equipment and experience. NCE’s engineers and technicians are trained to collect research quality data meeting the highest national standards. Whether the data is collected by our personnel or provided by others, NCE’s engineers are experts in performing the appropriate analysis activities to meet our client’s needs. Our continued work with the Federal Highway Administration and Departments of Transportation across the west reinforces the collection of quality data, and this translates to outstanding service in the data collection performed for our numerous clients. Read More >>

Pavement Engineering

Pavement EngineeringNCE’s pavement engineering services emphasize realistic economic solutions to our client’s needs. NCE’s engineers utilize pavement design procedures tailored to our client’s needs and our engineers have access to in-house state-of-the-art technology and apply it to real world applications. Our Pavement Design staff focuses on infrastructure projects which include resurfacing of existing roadway and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. NCE staff is well versed in pavement design, using the latest AutoCAD and Civil 3D software. They also stay updated with the newest design alternatives thus are able to advise our clients with the most cost-effective treatments as well as the “tried and true” methods upon which infrastructures have been built. Read More >>

Watershed Science and Planning

Watershed Science and PlanningNCE’s Watershed Science and Planning (WS&P) Group offers a variety of professional services to solve the most complex regulatory and resource issues facing our clients. The successful completion of any project requires navigating through the federal, state, and local regulations and permitting processes. NCE’s technically diverse and highly skilled WS&P staff includes scientists, planners, engineers, project managers, and resource experts who bring an integrated approach to every project. WS&P staff prides themselves on the ability to provide comprehensive planning, sound science, practical engineering and outcome-based solutions to our clients and their projects. Read More >>

Landscape Architecture

Landscape ArchitectureWith built work across the United States and beyond, NCE brings expertise in a broad array of project types, ranging in size from urban playgrounds to 5,000-acre new towns. Our technical knowledge is reflected in our built work, our ability to solve complex challenges with simple, elegant, and easily implemented solutions. As with our work, we have extensive experience with a broad range of clients, from landowners of urban waterfront properties to large institutions with complex approval procedures. And as active learners, we are always seeking new techniques and materials that will meet our clients’ criteria with minimal cost and environmental impact. Read More >>