City of Redondo Beach │ Pavement Management Program Update and Asset Data Collection

Redondo Beach, CA

Project Description

NCE was selected by the City of Redondo Beach to update its pavement management plan and right-of-way asset inventory for its entire network of 159 centerline miles. The pavement surveys were performed in accordance with ASTM D6433 protocols. The scope of work also included transforming the preliminary recommendation from the pavement management plan into a three-year work plan by selecting treatments based on pavement condition, pavement core information, quantity of base repair, subgrade information determined via laboratory testing, and site constraints. NCE also collected non-pavement asset data for signs (inventory and retro reflectivity), curb ramps, curbs, sidewalks, pavement markings, cross gutters, and manholes. 

The pavement management plan and right-of-way asset approach will provide the City with an overview of the condition of its network, and this data will then be used to generate GIS maps, facilitating easy accessibility and tabulation for future reference. This approach will also allow the City to develop focused work plans that account for pavement distresses, pavement structural requirements, pavement core information, soil condition, site conditions, and budgetary considerations, and are optimized for long-term durability and cost efficiency.