City of Reno │ Pavement Management Plan Update

Reno, NV

NCE combined data from six databases to run a citywide analysis of Reno’s pavement and asset network.
Project Description

Reno’s pavement network is composed of approximately 743 miles of roadway in addition to alleys, parking lots, and utility access roads. The City uses PAVER to manage the network which was split into six street databases and three additional databases for alleys, parking lots and utility roads. This made it challenging to perform citywide analyses.  

NCE combined the six street databases to better review the data, updated maintenance strategies and costs, then performed budget scenarios, as well as the alleys, parking lots, and utilities databases to better identify funding needs and shortfalls. In addition, a multi-year plan was developed that identified select streets for repair and aggregated them for more practical bidding and construction packages. This analysis, combined with sidewalk and curb ramp data, was used to develop a new multi-year pavement management plan that better incorporated current pavement and asset conditions.